Monday, August 22, 2011

Murder on the Orient(ation) Express

Whoever came up with the idea of orientation has serious issues.  It is becoming my firm belief that the best way to orient students to a new environment is not through cramming as many awkward “ice cream socials” (the kind that actually don’t end up having ice cream at all) and mandatory floor meetings into the day as possible, but through giving people time to assemble lamps, go to Whole Foods, practice for auditions, and sleep.  If only the world would catch on.

Highs and lows of orientation:
  • Low: saying my name, hometown, and major for the umpteenth time
  • High: watching people’s reactions when I tell them that I’m taking introductory classes for three thoroughly unrelated majors (music, English, pre-med things)
  • Low: all the competency tests and auditions for ensembles
  • High: getting an email telling me I was competent at Theory and Aural Skills
  • Low: stuffing 80 people into a lounge built for 20
  • High: running around campus with 12 of those 80 people for a nighttime scavenger hunt
Exciting things in the future:
  • 8:00 chemistry class.
  • A day of service in Chicago tomorrow (and I hear there’s painting!)
  • A follow-up Passage meeting-turned-slumber party at our professor’s house
  • Sporting some spiffy biodegradable lab glasses at Wednesday night labs.
  • Making my first foray into the dorm kitchen (in order to gradually win the affection of millions through their palates)
  • Service project Monday! Advisor meetings Tuesday! Classes start Wednesday!


  1. this makes me miss you even more. I thoroughly enjoyed the high light low lightness of this blog.

  2. I'm following your blog!! I must be cool now. Orientations are completely lame, the high of mine was that I was really tan so I felt confident. (Not intentionally tan - turns out my sunscreen wasn't waterproof and I worked water front at a camp for two weeks, a 6 hour day of doing life jackets = MAJOR sunburn = wicked tan)

    Anyway, still excited to hear more about college!