Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stick it to the wall.

It has gradually dawned on me that I’m a visual learner, and tonight, that little sunrise of realization made its way onto my wall.  I now introduce to you the Post-it Brick Wall method of outlining a paper.

  • How it works: main points of thesis (orange) each get a column, ensuring that everything relates back to that pesky thesis.
  • green stickies are sub-points within each paragraph to keep rambling at bay.
  • each brick represents a paragraph.

Why it’s preferred to simple Roman numerals outline:
  • post-its are so. much. fun.
  • color makes life more interesting.
  • it can be adjusted far more easily than copy-and-pasting and redoing all the Roman numerals.
  • no stupid tabbing.

  • very little guarantee that all post-its will still be there tomorrow morning.
  • funny looks from your roommate.
  • potential for ink smudges on your hands after sticking them to the wall. (Note: this could also be seen as a pro if you like the “hard worker” look of inky hands.)

I also give myself points for resourcefulness with using the provided bricks as paragraph breaks.  Now if only inspiration would strike before midnight, it’d be really lovely.

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