Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Side of Boredom, Two Scoops of Crazy

Because I hate to think that blog posts would ever be the spawn of a sense of obligation (I mean, I love you all, but...), I’ve put off writing one recently.  Instead, I’m proud to announce that this a post born of boredom!  Indeed, I’ve worked ahead enough - making moms and dads proud since 1992 - that I literally have nothing else to do at the moment.

The other evening, though, boredom was very much at bay as Laura, David, and I went to Alinea (Chicago’s #1 restaurant for fancypants foodies).  Among the bizarre things we ate were these dishes:
  • a peach dish composed entirely of cubes
  •  a delicious banana-ginger something battered and fried on a vanilla bean
  • a loofa’s worth of liquid nitrogen-frozen chocolate mousse
  • little stacks of lamb and French croutons with cute little potatoes melon-balled out to look like hazelnuts
  • a crazy-elaborate stick-looking thing made mostly out of a dehydrated and deep-fried skin from the top of a pan of simmering soymilk
  • a clear glass tube with who-knows-what sloshing around inside
The sheer number of hyphenated words in that list is a testament to the creativity (or maybe insanity) of the chefs at work.  And then the servers were the quirky, smart, attentive people you’re sure could do much more than give you a new napkin every time you go to the bathroom. Despite the glory of all this incredible outrageousness, the cost of the whole evening was equally outrageous, and that was what really got me.  I don’t doubt that the expertise, ingredients, and service that go into the meal warrant charging a lot; the question is whether it’s responsible of anyone to pay that much.  Nevertheless, the meal is done, it was a fantastically tantalizing experience, and I do very much appreciate it.

The next few days hold the usual insanity (though we were graciously given a reprieve from sectionals tomorrow), but I also hope to cram in a few bonus activities:
  • a trip to the Wheaton Public Library (now doesn’t that sound adorably quaint?)
  • baking in the dorm kitchen (choosing between scones, coffee cake, and shortbread - do leave a comment with your vote)
  • a blog post with fewer references to my boredom when really, it’s not actually that bad
And a final anecdote from the day, at no extra charge: I got to sight-read in a vocal masterclass for a girl who definitely forgot to get an accompanist.  Oops. (“We needed an accompanist? Oh, well, can you play it?” “Oh yeah, sure, sure, but I’m gonna need that music right about...now.”)