Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow again, and another door.

Let me just say this: it's one (very unpleasant) thing to have snow smacking you in the face as you walk across campus. It's an entirely different thing to look at all of the cold from the warmth of your room. It's lovely.

But it's even better when it's a huge white, undisturbed expanse except for one little trail of footprints. In fact, the other day I cut a corner, making my own little tracks in eight-inch-deep snow, and a few hours later, I was going the same way and got to step in my very own bootprints, so as not to disrupt any more snow. Silly? Yes. Worth it? You bet.

Other excellent parts of snow being everywhere: seeing TINY TINY prints made by TINY TINY people. Also, seeing little puppy prints! So great! Makes me want to go squish something.

And finally, I put on my little crafty persona to clothe my previously-gift-wrapped, now-naked door.* Too much fun.

*Note that there are some hard-to-see little almost-origami-except-it's-not-because-I-cheated-with-glue flower things nestled in the blue spots shown above.

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