Saturday, January 7, 2012

Broken record here.

Yet again, I must apologize. For realsies this time. It's been almost a month, and I'm terribly sorry to leave you hanging. (This is the part where you pretend that you have indeed been checking back often and with great anticipation.)

But here we are. Welcome to January, to a new year, and to a new semester. Tomorrow, I'll be back in Illinois, where I belong for 2/3 of the year. And you know, as settled as I got in Houston over the break, I do believe it'll be good to be back. New classes (and new things in general) have quite the charm. I won't ever have to return to last semester's literature class. I get to receive more grades for sitting around and talking about music. It should be fun.

But as much as the new semester will be fun, I have very little news to share. That's what breaks are for, I guess: for not doing anything particularly noteworthy, but instead gearing up for a whole slew of noteworthy events ahead. Kind of stinks for you guys, that I've been MIA for multiple weeks, and when I return, it's with nothing but a little filler. But because you're here, and because you've gotten this far, I'll just leave you this list of some of the random, relatively inconsequential stuff I filled my time with since we last chatted here (and I'm aiming to do this in chronological order, but I make no promises):
  • a little trip to Philadelphia and New York (which included going to see the not-half-bad Addams Family musical)
  • a lovely bout of some kind of sickness that involved lots of very cute expulsion of material that my body deemed foreign
  • getting reacquainted with my bed
  • getting reacquainted with a full one (because somebody decided to bring home a very British - and sadly uninformed in the ways of Winchell family card games - significant other)
  • a whopping six sweaters (among other things) for Christmas
  • a couple trips back to the old HSPVA. Nothing makes you miss home like pretending you still live there.
  • going to see an entirely student-produced play. Props to them.*
  • and lots and lots of catching up with friends, which permeated the whole trip, and thank goodness for that.
  • and then saying goodbye to them all until June. That was rough.
See what I mean? Nothing important. So, so sorry. Let's just hope something exciting happens soon, or I'll have to start coming up with more exciting things to post about.**

*every pun intended. And I've already apologized.
**Ideas on that front? Do tell me in those comments. I mean, I feel like a museum curator over here, boring everyone to tears.

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  1. You should try baking something new! That's what I do whenever I am bored