Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bittersweet farewell, or whatever.

December is knocking, and I'm not hesitating to answer. It's been a nice little month of daily blogging. I don't fully understand how it's such a challenge to post every day, though. It's just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast dessert or taking a shower: it's something you just make sure you do every day. Still, it takes a little extra time, and it'll be nice not to have it looming as another thing to do before I sleep. (For sure thought I could make a whole post out of that topic, but this well's running dry.)

On a completely different note, it's my understanding that most people in the world like chocolate. And I would hope that most of you like me, so what I'm about to say should be followed by great excitement: someone in the Wheaton Symphony got the bright idea of having us sell chocolate bars as a fundraiser, and you, yes you, can buy some! Or all 32 of them! So many different flavors! Chocolate mint! Mocha! Almond! Peanut Butter Crisp! Chocolate Melt! Chocolate Crisp! Just plain Solid Chocolate! Point is, folks, the holidays are coming, and if you want to keep up on all the treats your extended family expects you to ingest, these bars are a must, and you can get them for the low, low price of $1.50 each! What a deal!*

And now, I apologize once more for a month full of ramblings that you really didn't need to read. In the coming weeks, I can't promise you that I'll post every day (who would want that anyway?), but I'll do my darndest to give you the dose of excessive verbosity that we all crave.

*I know, I'm just such a great salesman. Who needs college when you can sell candy? (Answer: this kid.)

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