Monday, November 28, 2011

Three weeks notice.

[Disclaimer: This post is more of a pep talk for me than it is entertainment for you. Whoops.]

I've got 3 more weeks until the semester's done! Let's break it down now, y'all.
This week:
  • rehearsals every afternoon, gearing up for the legendary Christmas Festival at week's end. Totally going to be worth it. Plus, I've been through so much worse. A couple hours each afternoon is nothing compared to five or six hours in the pit. I'll be fine.
  • a little writing assignment due Wednesday. No big deal. It's two pages. A letter to a friend. I write letters all the time. Really, it's all fine.
  • a chem test Friday. Hey, we've had three already. Think of this as prep for the final. Plus, it's just one out of four. It's just a test. And I like tests.
  • Mom's coming. All that really entails is a wee little trip to the airport. Airports are fun. And driving is fun. Nothing to be worried about.
  • playing for studio class on Friday.  Hey, if I can't pull this off, then there's no way I'll be ready for juries. It's like a practice test.
Next week:
  • basically a dead week. All tests will be over. But instead of having a big testing and rehearsal week, it's...
  • party week. Chorale Christmas party, 3-South Christmas party, freshman class Christmas party (what is this, elementary school?), and "secret sister" exchanges...twice. All that really means is that it's a big...
  • baking week! Because there's a bake-off for Chorale (basically a big ploy to feed the Glee Club), my suite may or may not be housing a gingerbread-house-making set-up for the 3-South party, and I'm sure not about to go get people gifts when I can bake them things they'd enjoy more.  Plus, I brought back all those spices, with a rolling pin and cookie cutters to boot. I'm asking for it.
  • birthday! which means I have another excuse to make a cake and force-feed it to innocent bystanders. Current plan is a chocolate cake with a cinnamon-coffee frosting and potential caramel hiding between the layers and drizzled on top.
  • studying? No no, that's what the weekend is for.
Finals week:
  • exactly what it sounds like: finals. Except that from the looks of it, I'll only be taking one, maybe two finals during the three-day span that finals are supposed to be going on. Silly. Guess that means there'll be an abundance of food laying around.
  • juries! on Reading Day. Lamest decision ever. Way to go, Wheaton. 
  • packing: more fun than packing to go back to school, but still, a pain. 
Three weeks. It's go time. This is all completely doable. If people have survived it every year, there's no reason I can't do it this year. Still, I'm thinking I need to plan some arts and crafts sessions.

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  1. caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.
    Dude. Your life is way more together than mine. I'm jelly.