Friday, November 18, 2011

Little pumpkin.

So last night, my floor had a baking party.  I couldn't have been happier when my RA suggested it. And I convinced them that it was totally feasible to make miniature pumpkin pies in muffin tins without a real recipe for mini pumpkin pies.  Despite the fact that my record with pies isn't so stellar, and despite the fact that I not once in my life had made a pumpkin pie, much less many mini ones.

But make them we did, piecing together pie crust recipes and filling recipes from various websites and substituting honey for molasses and my newly acquired pumpkin pie spice for cloves and ginger. And they were even cute. See?

And THEN we found out how little pumpkin pie filling can actually fit in miniature pumpkin pies once the crust is in there, so we decided to make more crust and make a funny rectangular bigger pumpkin pie. Final result: a bunch of pumpkin pie, all of which was very generous on the crust.  But hey, when you convince the people to make their own pie crust instead of going with that silly store-bought stuff, nobody minds a little extra crust.

But the pies aren't as important as what came out of it. During our kitchen time, my RA lovingly suggested that maybe once a month or something, we can have some 3-South baking lessons whereby everyone contributes a dollar or two for the cost of ingredients and I share my "wealth of knowledge" (ha!) with the greater 3-South area. Therein lies the good part and the bad part: good, that it would be super fun, but bad that I'm pretty sure that the pie party pulled out a great majority of my knowledge, and that there's not a ton left there before the well runs dry. But you know, I'll just throw in some winks and giggles and puns and hope nobody notices. It works most of the time.

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