Sunday, November 6, 2011

Too much too much.

Major coincidence ahead.  Prepare yourself.

In May of 2007, I went with my eighth grade class to Washington, D.C. Not being very much enthralled with politics, it was just kind of an excuse to get on a plane, sleep in hotels, and dress fancy to meet "important people" at the Capitol (John Culberson, I'm looking at you). But there was one particularly fun event that I'm sure I enjoyed more than most of my classmates: we attended a musical at Ford's Theatre. It was an obscure one, Meet John Doe, based on Frank Capra's film in the 19somethings. Still, it was a musical, and it was a nice break from our bus tour of monuments and memorials. I especially remember thinking that the people - primarily the female lead - were talented. But that was eighth grade. What did I know? Any musical was a good musical.

Then. Last year at some point, I became acquainted with [title of show], a ridiculously entertaining and fairly endearing (if highly inappropriate) musical about writing a musical. It featured just four cast members, all of whom were (and are) very funny and very well-versed in the realm of musical theatre. (Duh, Margaret.) Thus, the show made reference to more musicals and plays than any one person could catch, poking fun at everything and everyone. It's a good little show.

And now I'm musical-hunting for shows to see in New York when I go right at the start of Christmas Break. Despite my relatively strong aversion to Brooke Shields, The Addams Family piqued my interest, so I looked into it a little further. Turns out, one of the cast members of The Addams Family (Heidi Blickenstaff) was one of the four in [title of show]. How cute. But wait, there's more. Thanks to my well-practiced stalking skillz, I also discovered that she, yes she, was the lead in Meet John Doe. Mind. Blown.

Step 1: Meet John Doe

Step 2: [title of show]
Step 3: Addams Family

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