Friday, November 4, 2011

Four days in, and I'm lacking.

It's 9:22 p.m., my roommate has gone to bed (say what now?), I've baked, and I am at a loss.  So why don't we just approach the somewhat drab task of debriefing the week, hmm?
  • Yesterday, I began the exciting little process of becoming a Music Ed major. Yes, that is my mother you hear celebrating in the background (and I say that lovingly, of course).
  • As if my schedule isn't full enough, I picked up an application for the Orientation Committee on Wednesday night. Chances of being chosen: slimmy slim slim. Still, there's hope. (Fun note: my deciding factor about whether to apply was when I have to come back in August because this year, I will play for all the Bit of a Stretch shows.)
  • Rehearsals continued for next Saturday's orchestra concert (which you'll be able to watch next Saturday live online at 8:00 at The theme? Music of Passion! Melodramatic, maybe.  But hey, it's better than the posters for our last concert, which featured your typical yellow and orange postcard-perfect sunset with the billing "Majesty and Mystery." Come on. It was cool music, yes, but understatement is always preferred to setting people up for disappointment. 
  • It was confirmed that Dante and I don't get along. Ditto for the professor teaching Dante. Note of clarification: nothing bad happened. No papers or tests were failed (I trust). But every Tuesday or Thursday I spend in that class reminds me how fabulously ancient literature and I meld, which is to say, not at all.
  • We learned genres of film, television, and radio programs in French. Probably the best part of that news is that when the professor asked us to name films of certain genres, the best I could come up with for un film policier was Paul Blart: Mall Cop, a film to be bested in the category of Worst Movie Ever only by Kazaam. (I tell you, those special effects just can't be put into words. Oohs and ahhs are insufficient.) Bonus: everybody in the class thought it was hilarious.
  • About half of the text from the powerpoint in today's theology class made direct reference to a Players script. (OK, fine, the Bible.)
  • Thanksgiving side dishes were pondered. As if there were much room for doubt, I'm happy to confirm that a good majority of the recipes will hail from everyone's favorite food blog (no really), Smitten Kitchen.
  • Enough work was assigned that I'm done writing tonight.

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