Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 13

Sometimes I wonder what my life is. I'm not even being profound. This was my night:
  • trying and failing to focus on theory homework throughout. 
  • playing piano in a horn studio recital. And that studio is full of characters. Let's just say one of them gave me a program autographed in chalk ("because it's permanent") as a token of gratitude for my participation. What.
  • this video being posted by a couple girls on my hall as a lament about mock trial team stacking. Note: bad vocals are allegedly intentional.
  • crossing my fingers that my theory class for next semester will stay at the 4-person size at which it currently sits. Because that'd be awesome.
  • having a friend I was supposed to Skype with be in the ER instead. (said friend is entirely OK now, no worries.)
Like I said. What is my life.

Lots of fun, but never quite what you expect.

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