Friday, November 16, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 16

Thanksgiving is approaching, and it's got some real potential this year. It's always fun to plan lots and lots of things that you get to make, all from scratch and all by yourself (probably). It's especially fun this year because I'm thinking it might finally be time to do a big turkey. We haven't actually had one in my memory of Thanksgivings. It's basically a big science project, and for all food-related science projects, we turn to the one, the only Alton Brown. Winner. So that should involve a nice brining time and some aromatics or something we stick into the middle of Big Bird. And then we roast the little buddy.

Sides-wise, I'm thinking color. Orange things and green things, mainly. And then lots of carbs. With some sugar at the end. Yep, sounds like a winner of a meal.

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