Friday, November 23, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 22

Well, for all the planning-stages thoughts on what to make for Thanksgiving -- ruminations on pop-up turkey thermometers, brines, sides, desserts, and predicting what other people will eat -- came to a head today with what actually happened.

A breakdown of the menu, when all was said and done:
  • duckies! cured in some combination of salt, orange zest, thyme, sage, and other lovelies
  • mashed 'taters: not my favorite, but we aim to please here
  • a carrot and sweet potato puree, featuring apple cider and other flavors of fall
  • broccolini with some cheese and walnuts
  • fennel gratin with lots of crispy-crunchy panko bread crumbs
  • and for dessert, a pie featuring grapefruit curd, caramel cream, caramel sauce, and a mile-high meringue, torched with everyone's favorite Bernzomatic propane buddy. All atop a graham cracker crust. Different, but ooooooh. Delicious.
The truth of it all: everything was tastytastic. Except for maybe the mashies. I underseasoned them, and the one dish I wasn't responsible for (the duckies) took longer than expected, making the consistency of the mashed potatoes a little gluier than if they had been served immediately after ricing/mixing.

And all this is more information than you ever needed or wanted! Yay blogs!

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