Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 23

I'm thankful for many things, but I will tell you about nine of them, because nine is a nice number.
  • my major being what it is. A conducting class where you practice clapping and moving your arms in different directions and focusing without looking like you're focusing. A theory class with six people where you look at the structure of music. Aural skills, where you sing badly and nobody minds. A daily date with my brain and a piano in a practice room. If these are the things that fill my days, I'm pretty sure everyone else is jealous.
  • food, and how I get to be picky about what kind of figs I want for Project: Homemade Fig Newtons.
  • health. I haven't been in the hospital since I was three, folks. That's some kind of crazy.
  • that I'm having a hard time coming up with a Christmas list. 
  • people who bake with you in the middle of the night and tell you their shenanigans and think you're funny and listen to you rant and make your life so entertaining and worthwhile.
  • a puppy who lies stretched out on the couch and does nothing but sigh contentedly while you pat her (very large) tummy.
  • anything soft.
  • contrast between things that are infinite and finite, rational and irrational, sweet and salty, crunchy and pillowy. You just appreciate things more when you see its opposite. You just do.
  • mornings when you can wake up and just stay there, snuggled. No need to get up. You have all the time in the world.

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