Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 14

I'm pretty sure I amuse my piano teacher (hereafter DPH) on a weekly basis. I mean, I don't sit in on other people's lessons or anything, but something tells me I'm my own breed of crazy in there.

He'll ask questions like, "Now how did that feel?" right after we change something, and I honestly tell him that it felt pretty much the same.

Or today, I had a little memory slip, and he was just about to put the music back up and let me look at it. It went like this:
DPH: I really just want to show you this one thing.
Me: No, hold on, I've got it.
(tries and fails)
DPH: I really think...
Me: Nope, I've got it.
DPH: OK...
(fails in a different way)
Me: OK, self, just slow down a little. Again.
Me: OK, show me what you wanted to show me.
DPH: Well, I was just going to show you this pattern...
Me: Yeah yeah, it's chromatic and descending, I know.
DPH: Oh, so you knew that?
Me: Yeah, I just had to start it. I knew it was a c-sharp something, I just had to figure it out.
DPH: Oh. Well great!

Or when I beat him to the punch.
DPH: Let's try that again.
Me: Gotcha.
(plays a ditty that happens three times)
Me: So the second and third ones were good.
DPH at the same time: Well, those were a lot better, especially the second and -- right, just like that.

Or when I bring in nutso imagery:
DPH: How's the Dello Joio memory coming along?
Me: Right, I thought you were going to ask that, so I was coming up with an analogy just now. I think it's like a grid or matrix of some sort that's supposed to hold smaller stuff inside it. And if that's what the piece is, then I've got the grid matrix thing in place and I just need to stuff it now.
DPH: Oh. Well OK. See you next week!

And I hope you had as much fun reading that as I did reliving the whole thing.

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