Monday, November 5, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 5: Winners.

I have a friend named Darby who plays the piano, and she played in the concerto competition tonight. She did not win, but if you ask me, she should have. (Note: the guy who did win is entirely deserving, but you root for your friends, case closed.) Here's why:
  • I don't like listening to classical music, much less piano concerti. But I could listen to her piece all day.
  • It's very easily solfeged, and very stickinyourheadable.
  • It's just so preeeetty. (This isn't her, but it'll give you an idea.)
  • You can tell it's hard, but she makes it seem easy and doesn't even seem to get all bogged down in the technicality of it all (even though she's acutely aware of exactly what needs to happen when).
  • She doesn't have the whole arrogance thing going on. That's always a plus.
All this to say, there is still hope for me in the world of listening to classical music. Because if she can make it manageable, that means it's not a me-flaw that I don't like going to concerts and listening to all that, it's a them-flaw. And pinning things on other people is a great life strategy, no? 

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