Monday, November 19, 2012

NaBloPoMo, Day 18

This is a story best told sequentially.

Yesterday, I took a seven-minute study break nap. I looked like this:

Then, today, I took a two-hour nap because I slept through all but five minutes of the sermon. And obviously, unintended sleep demands intended sleep. For two hours.

I then did a photo scavenger hunt, which is, ironically, not pictured.

I studied for about ten minutes for tomorrow's quiz on classical music history.

I talked a lot and finished a scarf I've been crocheting.

Then, it was 12:00, and Abby wanted to do something (but didn't know what). In my brain, it took about ten minutes to decide what to do and make it to the kitchen.

In real life, it took 55 minutes.

We made cookies. See? (I'm the one with the cookies.)

Many minutes later, it was 1:57 and I needed to blog.

All this to say, if I make it out of tomorrow's quiz alive, it'll be a miracle. Night night, y'all.

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